Survey, model, plan

Every project requires a sound business case built on a solid design and technical configuration. MSP understands this and has developed its own models to consolidate a scheme’s inherent properties, sizing and capex appraisal of new power sources and storage together with lifetime operating costs against long-term return projections either on behalf of our customers’ or to support our customers’ own models.

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We gather data either directly in situ, from recognised third party specialist sources, or we use the data our customers provide as inputs to our modelling and present results in succinct and easily absorbed summary reports.

Bespoke solutions

We understand that every application is different and that whilst our solutions are flexible, there are sometimes very specific characteristics about a scheme that need additional thinking. MSP has many years of in-depth design experience, earned in the most demanding technical environments. So we can think outside of the box, even our box. Put our creativity to the test. We’d be happy to rise to the challenge.

Download the FLEX-ESS 250 brochure

FLEX-ESS is MSP’s latest storage solution, combining the strongest properties that we have achieved to date. Designed for agility, FLEX-ESS is rapidly deployed and connected to multiple power inputs through its DC port in a wide variety of schemes, off or on grid.