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Why Use This Product

MSP’s FLEX-ESS hybrid power system is a fully-factory-built and tested, high-density, modular energy solution. It offers reduced project risk and cost thanks to its simple installation, small footprint, and lightweight construction. It also offers low operating costs thanks to its enclosed cooling and durable housing. Integrating KORE Power energy storage and our ground-breaking FLEX Inverter, FLEX-ESS achieves an industry-leading, optimising footprint for applications where space is constrained or at a premium. Working with multiple power sources and output configurations, the FLEX-ESS provides the ultimate, flexible approach for most applications.

Key Features

  • Hybrid high-power multi-port inverter eliminates need for separate solar & storage inverters
  • Market leading KORE Power energy storage
  • Up to 340kW of solar energy (single unit)
  • Significant reduction in OPEX and installation costs
  • Grid services
  • Off-grid/on-grid
  • UPS/SRT/Grid bridging system
  • Visually unobtrusive and available in any RAL colour
  • Enabling EV charging

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FLEX-ESS is MSP’s latest storage solution, combining the strongest properties that we have achieved to date. Designed for agility, FLEX-ESS is rapidly deployed and connected to multiple power inputs through its DC port in a wide variety of schemes, off or on grid.