Fuel Cells for EV Charging – Demonstrating FLEX-ESS Flexibility

At the Solar & Storage Live exhibition in September, AFC Energy plc announced its selection of MSP Technologies as its key partner in the development of their flagship CH2ARGE off-grid EV charging system, set for release in Q4 2019. Now in its final stages, the development of CH2ARGE is a perfect demonstration of FLEX-ESS’s versatility.

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Whilst many schemes MSP works on are heavily solar oriented, the CH2ARGE system is a reminder that MSP stands for Multi Source Power.

What Our Clients Say

“The core of FLEX-ESS is its flexible inverter technology, which allows us to integrate multiple energy sources. That can mean energy storage, power generation or in this case, a novel power source, which is AFC's fuel cell.”

Simon Patterson, MSP CEO

Hydrogen is a hot topic in the wider conversation around clean power and net zero in particular. However, whilst it features heavily in the assumptions for long term solutions, gaining traction has been challenging.

What Our Clients Say

“You could say that maybe 10 or 12 years ago, it was interesting and cutting edge, then it fell by the wayside and a lot of companies went into administration; but now we've come out the other end. And as the renewable market starts to kick in, prices go down, everyone realises that there's a gap in the market for a baseload clean energy solution.”

Adam Bond, CEO, AFC

Hydrogen does not yet present the same mass market opportunity found with lithium-ion, or with solar PV, but by combining all three with FLEX-ESS in the CH2ARGE system, MSP is playing its part in the scaling up of hydrogen fuel cells for transport.

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FLEX-ESS is MSP’s latest storage solution, combining the strongest properties that we have achieved to date. Designed for agility, FLEX-ESS is rapidly deployed and connected to multiple power inputs through its DC port in a wide variety of schemes, off or on grid.