From Counting Coins to Counting Coulombs

During National Careers Week, we wanted to tell the story of our colleague Craig and his journey to a career in Energy Storage.  

Not all career choices are made when leaving education. There are a growing number of people out there who make substantial career changes a little later in life, just like Craig did. So, we asked him what it is like to now be working in a ‘growth’ and ‘green’ industry and what prompted him to make the change.  

After 6 years working in a building society, Craig became disillusioned with his career path and the finance sector in general. So, he decided to make a change. Not just a mental change but a physical one, as his job moved from sitting at a desk all day to being on his feet handling equipment, and through doing so he found a better work/life balance.  

As an Assembly Operator here at MSP he carries out both mechanical and electrical fitting as well as some in-house fabricating. He is excited that he is now working within this fast-growing energy storage industry as it begins to answer some of the big climate change questions that are being raised and feels that it is the way forward for the future. Especially with our Flex-ESS that he helps assemble - a highly compact, modular, and flexible, factory-built energy storage system - which can be easily transported and rapidly installed into a small footprint without major groundworks and disturbing the environment. 

Download the FLEX-ESS 250 brochure

FLEX-ESS is MSP’s latest storage solution, combining the strongest properties that we have achieved to date. Designed for agility, FLEX-ESS is rapidly deployed and connected to multiple power inputs through its DC port in a wide variety of schemes, off or on grid.