Case Study - Reducing Grid Reliance for Large Dwellings

MSP has developed a hybrid solar storage solution for the owner of a large rural dwelling with numerous buildings across his estate. The client’s ultimate aim was to become completely off-grid but with a maintained grid connection in the event that it was ever needed. He wanted to self-consume as much renewable power as possible from ground mounted solar panels, storing surplus energy for use overnight. The client also wanted a quick project with equipment that could be located discreetly and with minimal disruption

  • 38.4kWh Tesvolt battery bank 
  • 10kW hybrid inverters 
  • 9.6kWp solar panels 
  • Mains connection 
  • 2.5m x 1.5m footprint
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As this is the client’s main residence, it was vital that power would be reliable and constant. First, MSP surveyed the estate to gather energy consumption data allowing the engineering team to correctly size the required system. With the system correctly sized, MSP’s compact solution technology could be configured and discreetly located within the estate adjacent to a modest arrangement of solar panels optimally located to heavily disguise its presence. The single unit even used racing green GRP housing to blend into its surroundings as much as possible. 

With an integrated base plate, the storage solution was positioned using a fork lift truck onto a small concrete pad set, connected and commissioned with minimal site activity.

So far the system has given the client substantial off-grid power, all of which has been self-consumed thanks to storage, and with a large saving on electricity bills.

Client Feedback

"I know that self-consumption is the way forward but was nervous about going ahead until I spoke with the team at MSP and saw how they could build the right solution for me. Now, I am essentially off-grid which has long been a dream for me."

Download the FLEX-ESS 250 brochure

FLEX-ESS is MSP’s latest storage solution, combining the strongest properties that we have achieved to date. Designed for agility, FLEX-ESS is rapidly deployed and connected to multiple power inputs through its DC port in a wide variety of schemes, off or on grid.