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Some MSP Technologies projects below..........

2 x SRT Units (250kW) Bottling Plant – Kinshasa Congo (DRC)

In July MSP Technologies commissioned 2 x 250kW SRT Units. They have been installed in a large bottling plant in Kinshasa (DRC) for a globally recognised brewery.

Each SRT Unit will protect a specific bottling line from the the unreliable and unpredictable grid in Kinshasa.

The SRT units will reduce factory downtime by protecting the Critical bottling lines from any voltage fluctuations. The reduction in downtime and the seamless power it provides allows for greatly improved productivity.

The Brewery has used our SRT units as part of a larger 400 million Euro upgrade of the factory.


60kWh Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery Bank


Our newly completed 60kW Lithium battery bank ready to be installed.

Custom built pack with the ability to out put at C1 but designed to run at C.5 using Sinopoly Cells in multiple strings.

Cycle Life ≥2000 @ 80%DOD



10kW Off Grid System – Farm Application

We were approached by a local client who was looking for reliable power for their farm which currently runs on Diesel generators. After a £50,000 quote for mains grid connection they wanted to explore off grid options as their budget wouldn’t allow for mains connection.


MSP Technologies installed a bespoke 10kW Off grid system for the client with including 4kW of solar with option for a wind turbine to be installed if needed as winter approaches.


Solar Storage for Large Residential Application

MSP Technologies were approached by the owner of a large rural dwelling with
numerous other buildings on the estate. The client wanted a fully automated Solar
and Storage system to power his main residence. His major driver was to become
essentially Off Grid but with the grid to still be there if needed as a back up.

The client wanted to self consume as much renewable power as possible while
storing any surplus to use for night time periods. Based in Yorkshire the owner
wanted minimal amount of work to be done onsite and was impressed with how little installation and site time it took to complete.