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Marine Based Power
Multi Source Power’s new technology offers an on-board hybrid AC/DC power management and storage system ideal for commercial and leisure vessels requiring 25-500kW to multiple megawatts of AC/DC power. Alternatively, for sailing and motor yachts, a hybrid propulsion and power storage system can offer 300bhp.

Using wind, solar, regeneration or diesel power, the breakthrough Multi Source Power offers greatly reduced downtime with its high-reliability power electronics, remote monitoring through WiFi and GSM, and triple redundancy systems.

We know commercial marine operations are tough on batteries, using up to eight duty cycles each day.

Because every vessel has its own power requirements, we offer custom-built energy storage systems to meet your needs. However, Multi Source Power’s storage solution is not only robust, safe and durable, it offers more than 20,000 duty cycles, C8 charge and discharge, reliability, a low carbon footprint, with low cost installation and low maintenance.

In the field of leisure marine, the need for power differs from vessel to vessel. We work with you to create the most efficient and cost-effective power system for your application.

If your needs change, you can simply upgrade your system, thanks to its flexibility of design, protecting your investment for now and the longer term.

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