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Land Based Power
Multi Source Power's Land based systems offer new opportunities for businesses to adopt a more sustainable approach to there power needs and provide clean power and reliable power.

Multi Source Power manufactures some of the most ground breaking hybrid power and power correction systems on the market.

If you have any exisiting Solar or are looking at installing solar to your property field or factory…. click hereMSP’s HPU making solar work for you! 

Keep an Eye out for future updates for our new 250Kw+  fully integrated System…..


Power Core Flexi Solar/Storage inverter

Multi Source Powers POWER CORE FLEXI is one of the most high density inverters on the market, providing impressive power to weight ratios and most importantly eliminating the need for separate solar and storage inverters. At power levels up to 250kW impressive savings are made from reduced infrastructure cost that are required with numerous strings of solar inverters and battery charge inverters.

The POWER CORE FLEXI inverter  has 3 DC ports that allow for multiple renewable and storage configurations. This flexibility allows the end user to optimise our system to there power needs in one plug and play format.

Possible Solar/Storage Configurations.
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Sag Run Through Systems (SRT)

Power Quality issues are a major problem for a lot of factory’s/plants effecting there electrical equipment performance and lifespan. This has a negative effect on productivity as it creates factory downtime.

To provide protection from power quality issues Multi Source Power manufactures a SAG RUN THROUGH system that can be installed either to protect factory whole or specific equipment and production lines within the factory.

The SRT can function as a UPS in case of grid outages.SRT Angle pic


Power Charger DC

Multi Source Power in partnership with Steyr have developed a range of ground breaking DC generators. With power levels starting from 60kW the multi source power chargers are some of the the highest power and lowest volume and lowest weight DC generators on the market.

The lightweight, low volume features with the high power output of the power charger allows transportation to be much more flexible.

The 130kW DC Power Charger can easily fit the on the back of a pick up truck.

This is advantageous for applications within emergency aid, military. marine and many other markets where access is difficult or power needs to be regularly mobile.


The HPU (Hybrid Power Unit)

Multi Source Power HPU is an all in one fully integrated Hybrid Power system.

Rugged Outdoor containerised housing (indoor housing available) the HPU utilises the Power Core Flexi 200kW right down to our 5- 15kW hybrid systems. The HPU works alongside either AC generators/Grids and most energy storage chemistry’s on the market.

Allowing Integration of Solar and storage in a single housing.




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