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Powering up with EPC

News | 13th January 2016
Multi Source Power (MSP) has teamed up with an American power conversion company in a unique new partnership.

MSP has joined forces with San Diego-based EPC Power to integrate the company’s inverter into its hybrid system.

EPC’s LC modules accept a wide range of DC input from a battery or other DC source, and produce clean AC power to supply nearly any load, building, district or remote facility.

The LC module means ease of integration for battery energy storage, and utility or generator sources, grid tied or stand alone.

MSP’s hybrid generator is bringing new benefits to diverse markets including construction, plant hire, mining and marine worldwide, with its clean, lightweight environmental benefits.

With its huge reduction in carbon emissions – coupled with its compact design and silent operating levels – the new hybrid power management and storage offers new opportunities for sustainable power from multiple sources.

By working in partnership with EPC Power, MSP can offer ultra-efficient generation technology to its power system.

Simon Patterson, chief executive of Multi Source Power, said: “By partnering with EPC we can integrate the inverter technology with our own to generate consistent, highly efficient power from any available source, renewable or not.”

Devin Dilley, chief executive of EPC Power, said: “We place significant value on our relationship with our partners – we are committed to continuing to build a world-class, market-leading network that supports our customers globally.

“MSP brings unique skills and knowledge to our customers across the world and we are pleased to be working together.”