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Technology, with listening, is the answer

Blogs | 2nd September 2015
For the construction industry particularly, the recent past has been gut-wrenchingly tough. At the same time as recovering from the worst recession in living memory, how is it to also address new government targets in cutting carbon emissions by 50 per cent and cutting overall costs by 33 per cent by 2025? Indeed, the UK has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

Increasingly, the answer has to be technology, as long it comes with listening and understanding. At Multi Source Power, we are committed to investing time and resource to find new ways of making the previously impossible possible.

That means putting our technical know-how to best use, continually pushing the boundaries and finding new solutions to old problems.

To this end, we believe that by sharing our technology and expertise with our customers we can fast-forward new product design for their advantage.

But that is only possible if we work closely with customers to find what they really need, and assume nothing.

By working in closely in every single project, we can understand each and every time what is needed now and for the longer term.

The benefits in our hybrid power system technology include cleaner, lighter, quieter and more efficient output of power than ever before possible.

But what is most important in one situation might not be the priority in another. It may be that quietness is the priority for overnight working, or it may be that small is key because working in confined space is more important and that is where we need to focus the design.

Working closely with our partners and customers, we have the answers – but only when we listen first.

Simon Patterson is Chief Executive at Multi Source Power.