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Subsidies on the slide - but cost savings can rise

Blogs | 16th November 2015
The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is consulting on plans that would result in subsidies for some new solar farms ending by 2016.

Under the government’s plans, so called “small scale” solar farms will no longer qualify for support under a key subsidy mechanism – the renewables obligation – from April next year.

However, in the midst of these changes, there are genuine benefits to be gained from storing power using technology already available.

At Multi Source Power, we have developed a range of hybrid systems which can store power from sustainable power sources including solar or wind turbines.

Rather than using the traditional diesel generator as the primary power source, the hybrid system relies on the battery as its primary source of power, with the genset, solar, wind or any other power source providing the recharging current.

These systems are efficient, lightweight, clean and quiet. Ideal for companies building new premises, moving or refurbishing.

Charging batteries with cheap power from night time sources, abundant wind or solar power and using that stored energy rather than peak priced electricity from natural gas at peak intervals is a major cost-saving.

The added benefit is that you only pay for what you use, with all the benefits of cost savings combined with environmental benefits, with fuel reductions reaching up to 50 per cent.

Whether a construction site, a large retail unit or a remote working function with high energy needs, this makes your business more efficient, cleaner and profitable.

These systems allow for a businesses to consume their own renewable power, and in doing so they will receive top rate FITS payments for that time. This is more than some export rates, and maximizes the potential in renewables.

So with the incentive of storing power cost-effectively, this technology literally puts the power back into your hands at every step from design to paying for only the energy you use.