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Powering the farming industry

Blogs | 3rd February 2016
The need to be more energy efficient presents the farming and horticulture industry with many challenges, but with those challenges come new opportunities.

From heating, lighting and ventilation, to powering machinery and processing systems, farms use plenty of fuel and energy but switching to hybrid power could drastically reduce both operating costs and carbon emissions.

For many farms, diesel generators are commonplace but our breakthrough hybrid power system technology offers new benefits.

This hybrid power system which incorporates rechargeable lithium technology is rapidly becoming the power source of choice.

Rather than using the diesel generator as the primary power source, the hybrid system relies on the battery as its primary source of power, with the genset providing the recharging current.

The main advantage of this hybrid system is the reduction in operating costs of 50 to 85 per cent combined with a reduction in carbon emissions of 48 to 80 per cent, depending on site load, compared with continuous generator operation.

A wind turbine or solar panels system would be set as the primary source of energy and monitored to ensure availability.

In the absence of sufficient energy from the primary source of supply, the batteries are used as the primary source of power and are monitored to ensure that they only reach a specific amount of discharge before recharging to ensure consistency.

If power from a local grid is available at any time it is monitored and utilised as the supply to the site load, prolonging the battery discharge time and reducing the daily fuel consumption.

Fuel consumption is vastly reduced, along with maintenance costs, as these light, efficient units only need to re-charge the batteries.

Sites that have power shortages due to single or two phase power also benefit from our systems because we can provide three phase power to the site from the existing supply.

The cost to increase power from the grid alone can be very expensive, but our system offers a more cost effective solution.

So, while the breakthrough in this technology is a milestone, the benefits are even greater for the users, our customers, who can take control of this power for the first time and pay for only what they are using.

Working with you, we have products that meet your specific needs, integrating all the technology for your own purposes.

It is this autonomy which we want to share with you, literally putting the power back into your hands at every step from design to paying for only the energy you use.